About Us

From the old squares of Jerusalem directly to your home.

We are a group of young men and women from the cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem in the Holy Land. We decided to open this store because we believe that the products in the Holy Land have a special advantage and distinctive smell mixed with the history of the three heavenly religions which have a special status for all believers in this world and must be owned and recognized by all A person in the world, each product of the Holy Land has a distinctive special form and a special story in it.

At the hands of the most skilled craftsmen of the Jerusalem market, our products were polished and polished with exquisite precision and craftsmanship, with exquisite designs and molds at exceptional prices.

From our hearts and the heart of our good land. We bring in your hand’s unique combinations of the finest traditional Jerusalem products and olive carvings, mixed with perfume and the Holy Ghost, to you anywhere in the world.

From all that contains the originality and splendor of Jerusalem and the grace of its artists of jewelry and art, books, souvenirs, traditional costumes, coffee, ornaments, perfumes, Dead Sea products, beauty products, and handicrafts. We seek to give you an extraordinary shopping experience filled with Jerusalem!

We designed our online store to be flexible and easy to use to make your move between the various classifications streamlined and enjoyable and enable you to browse hundreds of products smoothly. If you want a product, you can use the manual search bar to find exactly what you want. If you have any question, inquiry or request, or even wish to greet, please feel free to contact our team. We are always happy to communicate with you.

You — our client — our greatest concern and the focus of our passion. You are committed to providing a high-quality service to your satisfaction with the Jerusalem Store. We are keen to make your experience with us start from selecting the best products and making quality and accuracy, through our partnership with the best artists, manufacturers, suppliers and even delivery to your home wherever you are.

As we are honored to serve thousands of customers, we are honored to serve you!