Hebron Glass Hand Blown Art Phoenician Stylish Cup



Hebron Glass Hand Blown Art Phoenician Stylish Cup


Hebron Glass Hand Blown Art Phoenician Stylish Cup Made in Palestine Holy Land Home Decor . Item details

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Make your home more decorated with Hebron glass
A unique hand blown glass from Palestine

This Phoenician Stylish Cup will make your dining table look more beautiful and modern
You can use it for a drink or decorate your home
It’s perfect for everything

The glass industry in Hebron Palestine was ancients ago
Hebron glass was traditionally produced using sand from the village of Bani Na’im, east of Hebron, and sodium carbonate taken from the Dead Sea. Instead of sand, recycled glass is the primary raw material used to make Hebron glass today.

The precise production process is a trade secret maintained by the few Palestinian families who run the factories which continue to produce Hebron glass today, passed through generations by apprenticing children.

According to the Holy Land Handicraft Cooperative Society, the blowing technique employed is the same as was used by the ancient Phoenicians, though archaeologists and historians of glass agree that glassblowing was not common until the last few centuries BCE. Molten glass is withdrawn from a furnace on the end of an iron pipe, which is blown into as a metal tool called a kammasha is used to shape the glass. It is returned to the furnace and reshaped by the same process before being detached from the pipe and placed into a cooling chamber.

Cup dimensions: 4.7 inches tall * 3.1 inches wide
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Estimated delivery: 14-21 business day .

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